Chapter four – The New Era
by Steve Matthews

With the departure of Richard and Kendra, the future of Hedgepig looked bleak, with Steve and Mark considering calling it a day. However, in 2001 Rosie Eade joined the band, providing vocals, sax and whistles, and she brought with her a wealth of her own excellent material – both self-penned and darkened versions of traditional material. With Rosie’s arrival, the band was re-energised.

rosie, Wrestlers 03-02-2001

steve w . . . mark . . . jim . . . simon . . . rosie
The Wrestlers 03-02-2001

gary, locomotive 15-05-2004

Simon Hall left in February 2001 to concentrate his efforts with Nice Planet WTI, and he was replaced on drums by Gary Cates.

With the Hedgepig #13 line-up completed, they have spread their wings a little and braved the world outside of Cambridge, including visits to The Grapes in Bury St. Edmunds and The Crown in Litlington. This has led to Hedgepig becoming a "festival fledgling", playing to crowds at Brandon Steam Rally 2003, then EmFest and Ely Folk Festival in summer 2004, and they hope to fly out farther afield in summers to come.

steve w . . . jim ... gary . . . mark
Ely Folk Festival Weekend, 10-07-2004

However, during this period of creative energy, Hedgepig have not forgotten their roots. They continue to regularly delight audiences all over Cambridge, and are always around to help you celebrate the important occasions such as Burns' Night (2005 = The Earl of Beaconsfield), St Patrick's Night (2005 = The Cricketers) and the occasional wedding. They can be seen squeezing drumlessly into the tiny corner of the Radegund and firing rocking folk music to the many corners of a packed Locomotive. Some gigs are made particularly special with the appearance of guest musicians, most notably Steve Matthews.

steve m, steve w, rosie, mark . . . steve w, jim, rosie, mark . . . steve m, rosie, mark, steve w

Burns' Night, Earl of Beaconsfield, 22-01-2005 . . . St. Patrick's Night at
The Cricketers, 17-03-2005

And it is at this point that Rosie began the new and improved and fairly regularly updated Hedgepig.org website. This line up has recorded the yet to be released third album. This album concentrates mostly on Rosie’s material (original and trad re-writes), supplemented by Mark’s and Steve’s tunes and songs. Hopefully this will be released soon, as it is the best Hedgepig recording to date.